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'If you take that money with you, I'll wait until you have spent it. Then I will show you that I am able to look after you.'

CHILDREN OF GOD is a thrilling true story about fear, trust, and walking by faith — a gripping testimony of miracles and God's provision in the middle of impossible situations.

Why do we often think of God as our last resort? We know we can ask for His help when we've exhausted all our resources and have no one else to turn to. But even if we still had other options, would He rather have us rely on Him?

This is a book you will not leave unfinished. The story unfolds with fresh teachings from the Bible.

Most Christians do not seem to believe that their sins were forgiven when Jesus died on the cross. Ever wondered why?

RETURNING TO GRACE is most likely the first book in the world to reveal a shocking, undetected change in early Christian theology. It shows how the original message of the cross was turned into a familiar looking but very different gospel in the fifth century — simply by merging the two sides of the Good News, the forgiveness of sins and salvation through faith.

This groundbreaking discovery explains why the subsequent teaching in every denomination today tends to rob us of the freedom and peace we are meant to have in the Lord.

No, it does NOT imply that everyone will be saved, nor that once saved is always saved, for we need a living relationship with God in order to go to heaven. Returning to Grace takes us back to the very roots of the Christian faith, back to our first love for Jesus.

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Markku and Johanna Sarento are a Christian author and Bible teacher couple from Finland. Their hearts' desire is to build up the whole Church by proclaiming the gospel and teaching about reliance on God.