Life-Changing Books

"This was real life, not a practice. If Christianity was eventually all about devout feelings and hopes, if God wasn't real, we would soon be crushed."

Do you think it's foolish to trust God with your life?

CHILDREN OF GOD is a thrilling true story about miracles and God's provision in a completely dead-end situation—a captivating journal exploring the themes of faith, fear, and surrender. The events occurred mainly in Ontario, Canada, where Markku and Johanna Sarento lived with their three young children.

The story is interwoven with fresh teachings from the Bible, making it a truly inspiring read. This is a book you will not leave unfinished.

Most Christians do not seem to believe that their sins were forgiven when Jesus died on the cross. Ever wondered why?

RETURNING TO GRACE brings to light a shocking change in early Christian theology. It is the first book to reveal how the original message of the cross was replaced by a similar-looking but fundamentally different gospel in the fifth century—without anyone realizing what happened.

This dreadful mistake explains why the teaching in every denomination today tends to deprive us of the freedom and peace we should have in the Lord. And it may well be the biggest reason for the world rejecting the gospel.

'Returning to Grace' does not imply that everyone will be saved, as a living relationship with Christ is necessary for us to go to heaven. The simple discovery in this book brings us back to the very heart of Christianity, to our first love for Jesus.

Markku and Johanna Sarento are a Christian author and Bible teacher couple from Finland.

Coming from a multidenominational background, they seek to build up the Church by proclaiming the gospel of Jesus and teaching about reliance on God.