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"If you take that money with you, I'll wait until you have spent it. Then I will show you that I am able to look after you."

Why do we often think of God as our last resort? We know we can ask for His help when we've exhausted all our resources and have no one else to turn to. But what if we still have other options? Would He rather have us rely on Him?

CHILDREN OF GOD is a true story about walking by faith, a thrilling testimony of God's love and faithfulness combined with fresh teachings from the Bible. This is a book you will not leave unfinished.


"Thank you for your beautiful and touching book! To me it was a call to trust. It was like one of those thriller stories in the Bible, and the teaching blended right in. My own desire to lead this kind of life of God's children was strengthened."

"Besides the Bible, I have not read more than three or four books in my life. Your book was unputdownable."

"As I opened the book and was about to start reading, the love of God came upon me and surrounded me like a tent."

"I was so glued to my seat and wanted to keep on reading that I forgot to make the dinner!"


According to the Bible, the gospel of Jesus is so simple that even a child can understand it:

Jesus died for us on the cross of Calvary, and through His sacrifice we have all been forgiven. Therefore, we can now be saved through faith alone, that is, by receiving Him into our lives.

This is the core message Apostle Paul declared in his letters. But, surprising as it may sound, this is NOT the gospel most Christians have been taught to believe for the past sixteen hundred years.

RETURNING TO GRACE is probably the first book in the world to point out how the original message of the cross was replaced by a familiar looking but very different gospel already in the fifth century. It shows why the subsequent theological teaching in every denomination today tends to rob us of the freedom and peace we are meant to have in the Lord.

This is for real. Returning to Grace takes us back to the very roots of the Christian faith, back to our first love in Jesus.


"This book is so groundbreaking that I sometimes forgot to breath when I was reading it. Praise God, for He has started to tear down these human structures, allowing us to find Him. I am no scholar but thank God, I don't need to be! When the Holy Spirit speaks truth to us, we don't need to rely on our own understanding. I should go to work now, but my feet just want to dance! The Father is so wonderful!"

"I read the book twice in a row. It was like shackles falling off. I realized I had been accustomed to think in a wrong way."

"The world looks different after reading it. Incomparable book on grace!"


We believe the gospel should be accessible to everyone. Therefore, you can download Children of God & Returning to Grace free of charge and read them on your own phone, tablet, or PC. Just click the round buttons and you have the books. No sign-up is required.

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Markku and Johanna Sarento are Christian writers and freelance evangelists from Finland. Now affiliated with the Pentecostal movement, they love to proclaim the gospel of Jesus and teach about reliance on God.